California 2013 & 2014

This is so hugely overdue. Hopefully, I’ll catch up and get to blogging about some current things? Ahaaaaaa…



Back in July, Tomato and I spent about a week and a half in California visiting my family and the sights. It was a whirlwind of hot days, Disney magic and much ado about walking.

We drove a lot, ate a lot and had a lot of fun! We landed in the midst of Anime Expo, explored downtown a smidge, swam in gorgeous Coronado Beach, frolicked in Disneyland, caught the World of Color show in California Adventure, met up with a long time friend in Downtown Disney, ate at Daikokuya Ramen in Little Tokyo, drove all the way to Northern California where we visited my uncle in Eureka. He took us to see the beaches and jawdropping Redwoods. We also stopped by to say hello to family in Clearlake and finally bumrushed San Francisco on the way back to the LA area. Spent a few hours in Japantown there, dining at Katana Ramen.

Driving back was long and boring but we relaxed and stayed in until our flight home.


This year, we went in September with the express purpose to attending a Classic Japanese car show and visiting le Tomato’s coworker that moved out to the Long Beach area. Well, the coworker moved back to NJ right before we got there. Good job guy. Thanks for being a douche. Inviting us out and then ditching us. Luckily, I have family so we got to stay/hang out with them.

The car show was great! Lots of neat things to see even for non-car enthusiasts such as myself. Spent a little bit of time in the Long Beach area before hitting up Mitsuwa in Torrance for some…late lunch/early dinner?

This trip, we explored downtown LA a bit, checked out Little Tokyo better, bought too many things from Anime Jungle, Make Asobi & Kools, ate at some place which had mediocre ramen. We also hit up the Hollywood area and the such tourist hotspots. Interesting and yet, I found much to be blah. Just not my scene. The Chinese Theater was interesting in terms of architecture but there were too many hawkers dressed as impressionists who were wanting to make a buck. Bleh. What WAS amazing was The Last Bookstore. Amazing, absolutely AMAZING. The space was simply incredible and appealed to my book-loving heart!

We did go to Las Vegas for a day or two and it was an interesting place… Not for us. We did get to eat at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill. Food was good! Decor was amusing and service was great! We spent more time with family hanging out than previously- no long road trips up north. Did some shopping, played video games, hung out at The Americana at Brand in Glendale which was a neat space! We did manage to catch another friend of le Tomato who recently moved out to Cali to manage Din Tai Fung located in that same shopping area. Excellent food at excellent prices! We also hung out at Downtown Disney for the beignets from Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. BEIGNETSSS!!!!

Over all, each trip seems to get better as we let go of visiting the tourist-y places and finding more obscure and interest-specific sights to see. Bought LOADS of Japanese candies and snacks for my younger cousins. I mostly wanted to experiment with them and see what some of the candies/snacks were without eating them XD We also got a load of candies and some Butterbeer from Lolli and Pops.


Over all, each trip was great in its own right with different sights and things seen and sought out. Next time we go, we’ll probably hit up a different set of things to check out. We’ll definitely take in the eats!


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