Christmas 2013

Hosted at my uncle’s home, the usual gang makes an appearance (plus some visiting folks all the way from California!). We (Tomato and I) spent pretty much the majority of the day there, mostly eating and watching a movie (something to do while eating). There was so MUCH food including various Cambodian cuisine, Filipino peanut stew(?), steak, salads, ham, micro banh mi, sushi/sashimi platters, desserts of unknown origins and nature…


And rewatching [ Shaolin Soccer ]. The best. Nothing accompanies rich foods like light cheese.

Cousin, Aunt, Mom & me

There was a Pollyanna for the kids and a White Elephant for the adults. Both of which were hilarious (the latter more raunchy than the prior). I made checkerboard shortbread cookies which had magically disappeared with alarming pace once my cousins sat near me. Totally forgot to take a pic – will do a solo write-up for those when I make them again…eventually (they’re really simple cookies but involve a lot of effort to make).

Well, I forgot to take photos the entire night. So here’s one I managed to steal off my mom’s FB (it was taken on a phone ..?). It was a good time. A lot of laughs, catching up, realizing all of my ‘little’ cousins are in high school, feeling old and such business. Wonder what’s in store for next year.


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