Dearie by Lauren Y.

Does this count as a review? Maybe I don’t know, maybe I’ll just ramble on about various bits and bobs about the items I purchased from this shop?

I’ve been stalking this shop on and off (as I do with many etsy, self-made accessory/clothing, hand-crafted item shops). I have this really bad habit where I’ll watching a shop with things I want to purchase indefinitely and just randomly buy various items at some point. It can be devastating, sometimes filling carts to make up for lost time/product much to my wallet’s dismay. Either way, there was a free-shipping offer so it was just the right time with the right products for me to throw my cash at.

ANYWAY, Dearie is a brand specializing in accessories for Morigirl, vintage vignettes, items GREAT for the Classic Lolita. The brooches/clips range various styles and are well crafted. Designs are retro and yet still adorable and generally can coordinate with many styles. I purchased the Honey Biscuit 2-Way Clip/Brooch and Gilded Crown Military Badge (ivory/orange).

(stock images from shop)

TODAY, I received this packaging in the mail by complete surprise – I had actually forgot I ordered something. I know. Horribly that I spent X amount of money and didn’t remember. Note to self: do NOT go into finance/accounting.

Neat, secure packaging. Everything arrived intact and in a timely manner. Red crinkle shreds were a classy touch!


The brooch and brooch/pin were individually packed, each with their own care instructions. The pin, business card and chocolate were a nice touch!! Cute extras indeed!

Items are accurate as advertised, true to size/color/design. Construction is solid. And the colors are flattering towards quite a few color schemes. (I tend to choose neutral colors when I can, or something I can use for multiple outfits at least). I’ll have to take photos again with these in action!

Overall, I’m really pleased with this brand and the products! I’ll be watching for new designs!


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