Sephora stuff

sephora stuff

Some items I snagged from Sephora. Needed some more items so.. I bought some more stuff. And now due to a mistake on my part when in Mitsuwa, I’ll have to buy some more. Ugh. GO ME. Anywho, the following are the things that were received and will be reviewed. When? I don’t know. I have a ton of reviews I have to write in my drafts. So they’ll…slowly be released as I soon as I can get them all written/images edited and uploaded.

  • KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream: Used this before, worked well, might work better now that acne is less of an issue and the Clarisonic is in play? Will need to apply sunscreen beneath this for daytime use.
  • Too Faced The Chocolate Bare Eye Palette: I needed a palette, the Naked3 had too many shimmer/non-matte colors so this one worked out better with a balance of shimmer/glitter and matte.
  • Tocca Beauty Guilietta Solid Perfume (Sephora no longer stocks it): I’ve been wanting this fragrance ever since I randomly smelled it in stores. It’s been so long between that first sniff and my actual obtaining of the perfume – I actually forgot why I wanted it. Ugh. BUT it’s a lovely scent and I would totally incorporate it into my arsenal.

A bunch of samples I picked at random – to be honest, I was only half interested in them. Maybe I’ll give some away if I remember? Oh! I also got some stuff previously which mostly centers around a Clarisonic Mia 2.


Sorry for the crappy photo – taken with my phone while I ignored my camera sitting right next to me. Oh the immense sloth of it all! And a Chloe rollerball! Woot! Totally digging this new scent (trying something new after YSL Parisienne ran out).

Cheezzzzz all my photos are shite thus far. So rusty. Ugh.


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