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What started as a day to the movies ended up being a shopping adventure. We went and finally saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was good. I think it feels…familiar. Like the Harry Potter movies releases and the LotR releases. Things were well executed and well, to be honest, it’s been a while since I last reread The Hobbit so I don’t remember the minute details. Lol I suck as a fan. Anyway, I enjoyed how Legolas looked older/more mature in his ‘younger years’ than he did in LotR XD

Even le Tomato enjoyed it. He often shuns away from the fantastical interests of mine.

Though prior to the movie, we had some brunch at a nearby Silver Diner. Good times. Nothing like getting bloated on breakfast foods before a three-hour film, eh? Great way to get that ‘itis’ on…



After…we made a trek to the Cherry Hill Mall across the way. Mostly to scout it out and check for some cookware at Macy’s. But the specific items I searched for were unavailable in store. TO THE WEBSITE I RIDE! And by sheer chance, there’s additional discounts and offers available! YES. But we also managed to snag another pot at Williams Sonoma. Still around half off the retail value. Though it was there we learned of the bad news: this line is being discontinued. OF COURSE! ONLY AFTER I FIND A LINE I LIKE. And OF COURSE, the one pan I desire with a wickedness I’ve never felt for…cookware: Calphalon Unison Nonstick 12″ Everyday Pan only comes free if you purchase $toomuch of Calphalon products. BUT. I trust Amazon will prevail.

electronicsThen off to the grocery: Wegmans. And here…everything falls apart. Wegmans is located in a huge shopping complex. Once of which has a Best Buy that lured me in with the prospects of cheap 3DS games. I managed to get some corny ones: Sim City and Cooking Mama 3 and though, not a game, a super cute Minnie Mouse portable speaker. It works well enough. Louder than my computer and it’s portable! Woot!

And then…for some reason beyond my own knowledge, I suggested that Tomato get a new laptop. His current laptop is on its way out despite not really intensively using it. Well, let’s just say the mere suggestion is enough to set him on a purchase spree. I went in intending some cheap amusement and not even remotely considering buying a tablet (that I’ve been considering) and yet he walks out with a brand new laptop. Ahhhh… the compulsive spending!

chocolatesThat aside, I always managed to pick up a fair amount of junk food from Wegmans – I don’t even snack! But something about British chocolates really…well I get horrible cravings for Cadbury’s Whole Nut Dairy Milk. It’s nice that the chocolate in the UK has a standard for actual cacao content! Unlike the chocolate-flavored ilk we get in the US! *I recently purchased a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar as ‘authorized to be produced in the US’ and is distributed by Hershey. Well. It’s an overpriced Hershey bar and a tarnish on Cadbury’s name! THE SHAM OF IT ALL! It was horribly disappointing. I don’t even pay $3+ for a Dairy Milk bar (unless it’s the huge bar, then just take my money) and to taste the same old cavity-inducing sugar of my home state’s famed chocolatier. UGH.

I also managed to grab some rose water. I’ve been wanting to try it as a toner. Let’s see what happens. Hey, at least it’s cheap! If not, I’ll go back to chemical concoctions by cosmetic companies (oh, them c’s! alliteration!).

That’s about it for this Sunday. My first weekend of the year already burned. I have about 5 weekends left to obtain fabric, alter this pattern and get my shit done for Katsucon. But OF COURSE. I wait until NOW. Not that I was doing anything months ago. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…


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