As much as I avoided this in the past, the more I dove into EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita – Japanese niche fashion), the more I started really looking at cosplay as a sewing/learning outlet. I grew up learning to sew from my aunt and the skill was always there, even with the several years between where I wasn’t even in the same room as a sewing machine.

So the year I picked up EGL myself, I also found myself dipping into cosplay as well. Most of which started simply enough: basic school uniformed character. Mainly being able to gather items that looked close enough to what the anime/manga art offered. From there, slowly easing into it with altered purchased articles, etc. I never bought a cosplay – not when I had the skills and tools/materials. But when I started watching various anime…and played various video games…inspiration for construction experiments came to be. I’ve extended myself as far as to make garments for friends and family – just to learn how to make the garments. I started getting more bold and more inclusive with what I made – making more, buying less premade articles.

I do however, avoid stretchy materials with a fervent ardor. I honestly…really hate…working with stretch.

Anyway…I’ll be chronicling things/outfits I’ve made+put together somehow. This blog just keeps obtaining more odd content hahaa.



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