Cosplay: Yang (remake)


Ahh, I made this earlier this year (Feb) but I’ve been itching to remake it as it didn’t fit at all. For some reason, I made it entirely too LARGE. Ugh.

Now, months down the line and several garments later, I was able to remake it, tailored to a certain degree. I had a little more know-how and managed to make a better version. At least I think it’s better than the previous.

I did, however use the same fabrics since they served me well for the first version (and I just didn’t find anything better-matching  to the reference images). Finishes for the new version are however, much nicer(?). I added the trim along with finished the waistband for the ‘battle skirt’ better/sturdier.

Check out the photos below for the previous and new version! I’m still rather flabberghasted at my choices for techniques I utilized in the previous version. What the heck was I thinking?!

First, let’s take a look at the first version so you ca witness my half-assery in its full glory…

Photo by Lacee Toyama

On the left. My boots were ON POINT. I pretty much based my choice on that alone. Haaaa. Anyway. the top is much too large, it just sits on me, making me look minuscule in it. The top was altered from a vest pattern I had for a previous cosplay (Fem!Amaimon). For the most part, vests are the bodices of coats so I figure it’d work. For the most part, it did. I didn’t account for the neck to shoulder length and thus the sleeves were extra…fluffy. And also too long. Also didn’t apply the trim and it looks meh. The logo was also the wrong color…meh.


And here is the skirt – the top being the first version and the bottom, the revised. Wow. where to start? Good idea, poor execution. A plus for remembering belt loops. But what the heck was I think with the white underskirt?! Channel, elastic and then safety-pinned on?! Everything was much too long as well. I must have failed to measure…

I am still wondering where such ideas came from. The bottom is the revised version with a reinforced waistband, belt loops and both layers of the skirt attached. Sized to my waist.


Top at 90%, trim had to finished and sewn down. Buttons had to be sewn on the sleeve cuffs. The sleeves are still too long for my liking but nothing a safety pin and double-sided tape can’t temporarily fix.

10850219_977804482233270_3962848573598641154_nThe skirt remaking process…somewhat. Edges serged AND rolled for a nicer finish. *Emblem panel off of the older version as I haven’t made a new one…yet. Or I might not. Ugh. Definitely looks nicer than the previous!


The majority of this thing together! Can’t wait to get the new wig for Yang and she’ll be set! I’ll be working on her Hunter outfit as well! Patterns are cut, need to cut fabric and start as there are a fair amount of alterations to the pattern I’ll have to make…to accommodate my own stickly figure. Coming soon!

*Sorry for the majority of crappy photos – they were taken on my phone orz


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