Let It Go…….and mostly likely, never again!


An outfit for a neice: something casual, something Elsa.

Because it’s all the rage amongst the little girlies. I dunno.

I’m always so late with things like gifts as this was supposed to be a Christmas gift orz I’m terrible with personal-project deadlines. Finished this AFTER Christmas. That aside, no, I’ve not watched the movie and no, I’m not really a fan in any way. Never again will I purchase this color palette for anything (other than a possible commission).


To be frank, from an objective POV, I find her design rather boring. The outfit is so simple/basic aside from all of the glitter and the cape. I’m not exactly skilled enough to craft a flowing cape out of ice particles but I can managed a little ombre chiffon…maybe…kinda.

simplicity1436Anyway, this project utilized Simplicity 1436. It was a simple but charismatic set in design concept. Little things like the hemline and strap details. Super cute and still fairly simply in terms of construction. The only aggravation is working on a smaller scale than adult clothing……I had to find some patience with that.

I also chose this pattern over a costume pattern as I wanted this outfit to be versatile, appropriate for wearing outside of Halloween. Good for wearing often AND is still Elsa-flavored? *HIGH FIVES MYSELF*

I figure a multi-purpose outfit would  please parents AND kids. Yiss.

Just a note: this color palette was actually really annoying to source AFTER the Halloweens were past. Everything Joann’s pulled for their ‘Ice Princess’ theme display had scattered back to the shelves from whence they came. The base fabric was rather annoying to color match. Even with just trying to get a similar color and tone! Luckily, the sheer stuff overlaid on the base quite nicely!

And of course…I finally read the pattern AFTER buying fabric to find this pattern was sized for STRETCH fabrics. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

All the fabric I get is the opposite of stretch. Of course it would happen this wayyyyy! That aside, the construction was fairly simple enough, I’ve made enough vests/coat-things to know my way around the little cover-up thing.

kdressI’m really terrible with keep up with progress/step-by-step photos so all I have are the finished product images. Will try harder to remember photos for the next project~

That aside, the dress was simple enough. The sheer glitter was layered on top of the base fabric for the bodice. A ruffle out of it was made and attached to the ‘hi-lo’ hem or whatever they call it. Figured the shape would give the outfit a more ‘royal’ feel…like a faux-train or something. I don’t know…

Straps were simple straight ones. If need be, they can also be readjusted and resewn in the back. Bodice is faced along the edge. Back & waist is elasticized.


The bolero is lined. The cape is detachable via Velcro, the glitter is trimmed on the collar just to tie everything together.


A lotta blue. Not exactly my favorite color but better than my dislike of some others (*AHEM*namelypink*COUGH*). This was an interesting foray into children’s activewear. The overall wasn’t terrible, just the scale took some getting used to. The end products are always amusing to see, everything is so cute and tiny. I’d rather go back to sewing adult-sized garments however…less straining on the eyes and patience.


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