Rainy Sunday

It’s been rainy all weekend. Wet and gray and oddly enough, warm. Odd. But ok…? Je ne sais pas. Aside, we opted to manage some errands and grocery shopping while it was a little drizzly. IKEA for some bits and bobs, random stop into Barnes and Nobles, PetSmart for prescription cat food – which was moot since the location didn’t have the vet. Pitstop into Best Buy and finally groceries.


Well, let’s say I cannot control myself in B&N. No matter when/where I go to one, I always leave with books. Which is great for the reader in me, not-so-great for le petit apartment. Had to get this RIDICULOUSLY cute leatherette bound pocket size Hobbit + LotR set. YES. All of the YES. Tolkien is my jam. Forever.

Originally, I went to find Bill Nye’s Undeniable which sounded fantastic from … well, it’s Billy Nye and he’s just a treasure. This enthusiasm for knowledge is absolutely contagious! As always, I pick up the latest volume of Fables because the series is probably the only one I follow other than a handful of manga.

Le Tomato has been into collecting vinyls lately. And thus the trip to IKEA for some frames. And then picked up two at B&N. WHY?! I don’t know…he’s been into it? He likes old stuff, what can I say.

Fantasy LifeAnd then……………………………………………a random pick up at Best Buy. I remembered a few friends mentioning the game was fun so picked it up on whim. Been on the up-swing with using my 3DS. Re-started my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So let’s try out this Fantasy Life.

Will probably pick up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call eventually. Had no idea how that one rated/played so decided to try Fantasy Life for now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIKEA. What can I say? My second home. A few random things: a mini-shelf, bird-cage (for headbows), candle, little bendy lamp, the pillow in the book photo anddddddddddddd a bunch of kitchen items I hadn’t photographed. I don’t know why but it seems like little updates via cheapo decor and storage seem just right to spruce up any staling space.

I had to finish up on this project before I can dive into Fantasy Life for the rest of the night…


I’ve been working on this thing for the past three nights. Just a peek for now as it looks….well a wee bit lacking without it’s bolero top. I’ll be compiling a build post…or sorts. I never remember to photograph progress photos so…it might be sparse per garment. And with that, OFF TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!


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