Chocolat Chaud

I had to have it. It would seem that I, Jenii, am a severe impulse buyer of the fancy packaging vein. If it’s got neat packaging, I will most likely buy it based off that. Fancy packaging AND filled with HOT CHOCOLATE MIX? Yes. YES. ALL OF MY YES. THROWS MONEY. Yes.

I know. I have a problem. It’s only with hot choco, I swear!

wildly delicious petite maison chocolate chaud

Petite Maison’s Rich and Dark Chocolat Chaud

Just look at this bad boy. A TIN?! It’s like they knew I would see this and snatch exactly one off the shelves at DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut. They knew they vintage styling of the early 1900s was sure to hook me. Even the blue appealed to le Tomato’s Spurs fan side! Yes. This was destiny indeed.


Rich and Dark Chocolat Chaud

This Fall, Wildly Delicious sets out to redefine the hot cocoa category with our incredible dark chocolate blend packaged in an exquisite European retro tin. Our nod to green packaging principles was to develop a package that would become a keepsake and never see a landfill. More than just a pretty face, we tested more than 40 cocoas before developing our own blend. A blend worthy of bearing the Petite Maison name. No artificial fillers or colour.

Yes. Thank you. The cocoa was indeed dark and rich. There was a fair sweetness but just enough to soften the bitterness of the cacao. Milk, despite it’s creamy disposition, was what this called for to tame the strength of the cocoa – water will not do.

Below, you can see my path to bittersweet paradise…


There were, as you can see, little ‘drops’ of solid chocolate in the powder. I believe it was little chunks of Belgian chocolate to further enrich what the powder would bestow upon the milk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes. More. So good. Alas, 2/8 servings have been consumed alone. At $17USD (+tax) a tin, this is indeed at the steeper end of cocoa mixes. It was good. I might not remember to purchase again but I’ll always have the tin for memories!

Fine memories of velvety chocolate to tide me over until my wisdom teeth come out. This is my last post until then…how very quaint it be in regards to food. C’est la vie!


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