Nerd Life


Because I’m the sort that gets something in her head and suddenly has a one-track mind for said goal. Taking a short break from sewing to…veg out. After this whole wisdom teeth removal business blows over a bit, I’ll get back into the fray of always sewing, all the time until things are done. In the meanwhile, 3DS GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! Yes. And truly American snacks of candy and soda. Because Murrr’ka.


This is mostly a little tip for anyone who enjoys those novelty mint tins you can get at Hot Topic/GameStop/etc. Nintendo’s pretty good about their packaging. This controller shape is particularly HANDY!

On 3DS XL for size comparison

I fill mine with some bandaids, a bit of ointment, bits and bobs from my first aid kit at home. It’s smaller than an actual controller and flat, fitting pretty well in bags, pockets, etc. Thought this might be a cute little tip come con season. You can add emergency pins, some tape strips, hair ties, just about anything small that you might need during your convention adventures, traversing through the various halls and atriums.

Just make sure to finish the mints first, clean the tin out before refilling it with your own things!


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