2015 MAGfest

As described in the previous post, I had been in a sewing slump for roughly a week or two now. The motivation has been sparse and the weather really is a fantastic promoter of sloth. Oh how alluring the nest of comforters, pillows and fleeces!

So by my luck, I managed to convince le Tomato to attend MAGfest on Sunday.

SWEET TRON themed badge!
SWEET TRON themed badge!

*Large amount of photos below the cut

Well, we had fun 😀 Tomato never really wants to go to cons or such with me but this was an exception. It was video games and who doesn’t enjoy video games? He managed to snag his favorite games from his childhood, a shirt and we got to see one of our favorite Youtube guys Continue? Show. Ahh the panel was hilarious. I got some prints/posters for people, Earthbound/Mother pins,  poster and Bioshock Infinite Vigors pin set 😀 (they’re much cheaper at a convention than the website)

Bioshock Infinite Vigors pin set by Sanshee

THIS APPEALS TO MY OBSESSION WITH PACKAGING VERY MUCH. And maybe since I spent much of my slump on a crazy replay spree of the game? Yeah. it was fantastic timing. I’m probably never going to use these but having them in my Possession is plenty (ENJOY MY TERRIBLE PUN TOO). I enjoy looking a pretty things 😀

Anyway, we ran into my friends, chatted for a bit, walked around, played quite a few old machines and even found Duke Nukem 1 on an old PC. So awesome. I would definitely like to try at least two days next year but we shall see. I was mostly glad le Tomato had fun 😀

Most likely, the next posts will be cosplay-specific unto Katsucon.


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