Current days…

Ahhh…I’ve been so slammed since the last post. Most of which has to do with juggling house work and various other activities that I must manage. Mostly work and family.

Stress has finally accumulated into insanity in the past month- one that I’m trying to wind down and prevent any sort of nervous breakdown. Alas, tis the month of PUSHING ME TO MY LIMITS. I’ve been so quick to frustration, anger and despair these days and I know it’s really affecting my everyday. My patience is finally running thin enough to which it’s affecting not only my mental health but physical as well. I’ve been ill and it still lingers beyond the usual recovery period. Ugh. The things I enjoy, I can’t even find the energy to be enthusiastic or enjoy them as I used to.

Work + house issues = testing my sanity.

In other news, I’ve been trying to cook more! Despite all of the challenges in my days, food is the last thing I want this stress to tamper with.

Fried rice, breakfast, grilled cheese & tomato soup, beef curry, oyakodon, meatloaf & green bean casserole + stuffing

Recently, we hosted our very first party in the house! Testing the waters with capacity. So far, it’s a wee bit tight if everyone’s indoors. Consisting mostly of my family, it was quite a crowd! There was so much food and chatter, good times! There was so much prep work, including running around on endless supply runs and accumulating donated chairs/tables but overall, a success! This upcoming weekend, another shindig- one with mostly my EGL friends. Smaller crowd, bigger dresses hahaa…

I’ve been mired in sewing commission work as well. Between work + house work, I am scraping for time to get any meaningful sewing done! It’s gotten so insane lately, I’ve had to drop & halt whatever work I had/might be incoming. Terrible, I feel awful about it. But I honestly am not finding the time at all. Frustrating!

11374145_1006151229474837_1177384416_nIn order to combat most of this insanity, I’ve been edging away from the internet and back towards journaling (well, solitary activities really). This hobonichi techo is really helping promote that sort of activity. I want to get back to knitting as well. Just…simpler, lonesome projects I can de-stress with. I’ve already got my new one for next year.

My current one is only half-filled as I often forget it at home or simply forget to write…or just not know what to write. It’s great to use as a planner however! I love that it combines a planner and diary in one place!

I’ve found some lists of prompts and will incorporate them into the remainder of this year. Journaling Sage has some great prompt stickers that I can’t wait to get a hold of! Not to mention the new abyss of MT/washi tape I’ve fallen into. Not to mention, I can finally use all of the loose sheets of stationery and stickers I’ve been hoarding. FINALLY, a place for me to keep my favorite designs! Immature but sometimes I get stingy with incorporating stickers/designs I like in letters. Ahaaaa I’m terrible. But this’ll help me back on the path to….less insanity. I miss doing solo things…


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