2015 MAGfest

As described in the previous post, I had been in a sewing slump for roughly a week or two now. The motivation has been sparse and the weather really is a fantastic promoter of sloth. Oh how alluring the nest of comforters, pillows and fleeces!

So by my luck, I managed to convince le Tomato to attend MAGfest on Sunday.

SWEET TRON themed badge!
SWEET TRON themed badge!

*Large amount of photos below the cut

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Christmas 2014


Yeah. Happy holidays. Days late but…the thought that counts? How were your holidays? Good? Hopefully food-filled!

10885327_10102866760550753_3781693313876785761_nWe had no plans other than a party/dinner at my uncle’s in the late afternoon/evening. So what better way than to start the day with BREAKFAST? Two (well, previously two as by the time I snapped this pic, half were eaten) stacks of mini choco-chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, plain pancake w/apple butter, OJ, milk, coffee… Yes…

A breakfast most of carbs for him and protein for me. All the while watching the most glorious of movie series: Die Hard.


Yes. Good.


This was the third installment to be precise. We get all of the cussing and racism that the mid-nineties could manage in a single film. And not only do we get the king of one-liners – but SAMUEL L. JACKSON too? One-liner kings, double whammy. It was so terrible and so good in the most ridiculous ways. And at the same time, it struck as SO relevant to the current times. It’s rather horrible that the same skin-color based hatred and bigotry is still prevalent in our so-called ‘modern’ society. We never got better, just more efficient at masking the blatancy of it all.

That is, however, a topic for another time.


And here we are, ready to head out to the aforementioned family party. To which we witnessed many a drunk uncle, myriads of kids of various ages, deep debates and chats over fashion in the changing times. It was a great time, highly entertaining, LOADS of food. And the one time we forget to bring our new camera. AWESOME. We are so efficient with the use of our gadgets as you can tell.

That aside, there hasn’t been much between Christmas day and today. Work resumes tomorrow….along with an impromptu visit from the in-laws. And then the insanity that is New Year’s Eve……ahh…

Holiday Jam

A week or two ago, I hosted a party for the Frilladelphia community. The turn out was small compared to previous shindigs but it was no surprise – it was the weekend right before Christmas. Either way, it was a cozy little thing with too much food and lots of conversation. Even the weather was super mild! WARM for late December (70’s!!).

Alas, I’m that loser who actually remembered to bring my camera and didn’t even snap a shot the entire ordeal. GO ME. Any my visiting cousin from Cali wore a lovely coordinate from my wardrobe! Anddddddd no photographic evidence. Goddamn.

If I can manage to scrounge up some, I’ll post them up. Failing pretty hard at EGL (which consists of 50% eating, 25% dressing up and 25% taking photos).

Christmas 2013

Hosted at my uncle’s home, the usual gang makes an appearance (plus some visiting folks all the way from California!). We (Tomato and I) spent pretty much the majority of the day there, mostly eating and watching a movie (something to do while eating). There was so MUCH food including various Cambodian cuisine, Filipino peanut stew(?), steak, salads, ham, micro banh mi, sushi/sashimi platters, desserts of unknown origins and nature…


And rewatching [ Shaolin Soccer ]. The best. Nothing accompanies rich foods like light cheese.

Cousin, Aunt, Mom & me

There was a Pollyanna for the kids and a White Elephant for the adults. Both of which were hilarious (the latter more raunchy than the prior). I made checkerboard shortbread cookies which had magically disappeared with alarming pace once my cousins sat near me. Totally forgot to take a pic – will do a solo write-up for those when I make them again…eventually (they’re really simple cookies but involve a lot of effort to make).

Well, I forgot to take photos the entire night. So here’s one I managed to steal off my mom’s FB (it was taken on a phone ..?). It was a good time. A lot of laughs, catching up, realizing all of my ‘little’ cousins are in high school, feeling old and such business. Wonder what’s in store for next year.