Stenciling + Painting Fabric

Sample: Yang Xiao Long emblem (Standard outfit)

My stenciling process in some pics…the difference an x-acto makes 😀 excuse my ghetto setup of pizza box canvas, paper plate palette and makeup sponge. The shape (fabric) was already cut, sewn down and ready to go. I painted it first instead of applying the trim since I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess up the painting portion orz


1: Print and laminate design.
2: Cut (best with some sort of fine tipped blade) positive space (where paint will be applied).
3: Position and secure (with tape or something).

4: Prime surface with white. It’ll help the colors retain their brilliance. You may need several coats depending on the paint + fabric.


5: Begin with lighter color (of the gradient), apply enough layers for desired brilliance/color. Make sure to dry between coats!
6: Begin applying darker gradient, working from opposite end to where the colors are to blend. Using light strokes, little by little, smudge some darker color onto the lighter. You whatever will get you the best results for blending: sponge, fingertip, brush, etc.
7: Dry, detail/outline/etc.
8: Let dry/cure for at least 48 hours prior to washing (if you applied particularly thick coats, best to wait the while to wear as well)


Above is the first version (last Feb, rushed) versus new version in which I had time and supplies to do the stenciling properly. You do not have to apply the gradient techniques to a solid-color paint job. These were just my own method of fabric-painting so feel free to use what works and discard what does not for your particular project. Hope this was helpful 😀