Busy busy!

Ahhh it’s already been MONTHS since the last entry? Jaysus. I am so terrible with keeping up (more like editing/uploading photos). That aside, I’m in a brief break between projects so I’ll probably try to play catch up and write up + queue some entries from events recently past…

So far, things will include:
– Katsucon 2015
– Lolita outings
– Sakura Sunday
– Individual cosplay builds that have been completed.

Hopefully I’ll be able to churn some of these out. In the meanwhile, have this glorious shot of my (Hunter) Yang by KG Photography.



2015 MAGfest

As described in the previous post, I had been in a sewing slump for roughly a week or two now. The motivation has been sparse and the weather really is a fantastic promoter of sloth. Oh how alluring the nest of comforters, pillows and fleeces!

So by my luck, I managed to convince le Tomato to attend MAGfest on Sunday.

SWEET TRON themed badge!
SWEET TRON themed badge!

*Large amount of photos below the cut

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I’ve been in a sewing slump. Most of my work has been completed for Katsu – with the exception of a coat and a basic gown. I have so many little details to craft and complete for nearly each costume. Ugh…I detest this part. Sewing entire outfits in a day is my strength, carefully handcrafting little bits and bobs is NOT.



This little guy is to be ‘Kamiki Tsukumo’s Precious Mascot’ from the manga arc of 青の祓魔師/Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist. I had to somehow rig up a pattern and manage to bring this thing to the 3D world. I remember why I don’t make these anymore. they seem like a fun idea when you start, and then you find you need to make a pattern, hope it works, have five million colors of felt/thread and worst of all: sew by hand. My ultimate weakness orz I cannot fathom how those who do many hand-sewing projects do it. The patience and accuracy is astounding! I applaud thee!

Spoiler: I also made the outfit that goes with the above manga scan.


While mostly complete, it is now with the matching mini-plush mascot and a brooch. I may forgo the headband as I really am not inspired to make it (can’t be arsed). This image is also missing the inner shirt and petticoat.

Anyway, back to the grind. Gotta get back to sewing.

Nerd Life


Because I’m the sort that gets something in her head and suddenly has a one-track mind for said goal. Taking a short break from sewing to…veg out. After this whole wisdom teeth removal business blows over a bit, I’ll get back into the fray of always sewing, all the time until things are done. In the meanwhile, 3DS GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! Yes. And truly American snacks of candy and soda. Because Murrr’ka.


This is mostly a little tip for anyone who enjoys those novelty mint tins you can get at Hot Topic/GameStop/etc. Nintendo’s pretty good about their packaging. This controller shape is particularly HANDY!

On 3DS XL for size comparison

I fill mine with some bandaids, a bit of ointment, bits and bobs from my first aid kit at home. It’s smaller than an actual controller and flat, fitting pretty well in bags, pockets, etc. Thought this might be a cute little tip come con season. You can add emergency pins, some tape strips, hair ties, just about anything small that you might need during your convention adventures, traversing through the various halls and atriums.

Just make sure to finish the mints first, clean the tin out before refilling it with your own things!

Chocolat Chaud

I had to have it. It would seem that I, Jenii, am a severe impulse buyer of the fancy packaging vein. If it’s got neat packaging, I will most likely buy it based off that. Fancy packaging AND filled with HOT CHOCOLATE MIX? Yes. YES. ALL OF MY YES. THROWS MONEY. Yes.

I know. I have a problem. It’s only with hot choco, I swear!

wildly delicious petite maison chocolate chaud

Petite Maison’s Rich and Dark Chocolat Chaud

Just look at this bad boy. A TIN?! It’s like they knew I would see this and snatch exactly one off the shelves at DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut. They knew they vintage styling of the early 1900s was sure to hook me. Even the blue appealed to le Tomato’s Spurs fan side! Yes. This was destiny indeed.


Rich and Dark Chocolat Chaud

This Fall, Wildly Delicious sets out to redefine the hot cocoa category with our incredible dark chocolate blend packaged in an exquisite European retro tin. Our nod to green packaging principles was to develop a package that would become a keepsake and never see a landfill. More than just a pretty face, we tested more than 40 cocoas before developing our own blend. A blend worthy of bearing the Petite Maison name. No artificial fillers or colour.

Yes. Thank you. The cocoa was indeed dark and rich. There was a fair sweetness but just enough to soften the bitterness of the cacao. Milk, despite it’s creamy disposition, was what this called for to tame the strength of the cocoa – water will not do.

Below, you can see my path to bittersweet paradise…


There were, as you can see, little ‘drops’ of solid chocolate in the powder. I believe it was little chunks of Belgian chocolate to further enrich what the powder would bestow upon the milk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes. More. So good. Alas, 2/8 servings have been consumed alone. At $17USD (+tax) a tin, this is indeed at the steeper end of cocoa mixes. It was good. I might not remember to purchase again but I’ll always have the tin for memories!

Fine memories of velvety chocolate to tide me over until my wisdom teeth come out. This is my last post until then…how very quaint it be in regards to food. C’est la vie!

Rainy Sunday

It’s been rainy all weekend. Wet and gray and oddly enough, warm. Odd. But ok…? Je ne sais pas. Aside, we opted to manage some errands and grocery shopping while it was a little drizzly. IKEA for some bits and bobs, random stop into Barnes and Nobles, PetSmart for prescription cat food – which was moot since the location didn’t have the vet. Pitstop into Best Buy and finally groceries.


Well, let’s say I cannot control myself in B&N. No matter when/where I go to one, I always leave with books. Which is great for the reader in me, not-so-great for le petit apartment. Had to get this RIDICULOUSLY cute leatherette bound pocket size Hobbit + LotR set. YES. All of the YES. Tolkien is my jam. Forever.

Originally, I went to find Bill Nye’s Undeniable which sounded fantastic from … well, it’s Billy Nye and he’s just a treasure. This enthusiasm for knowledge is absolutely contagious! As always, I pick up the latest volume of Fables because the series is probably the only one I follow other than a handful of manga.

Le Tomato has been into collecting vinyls lately. And thus the trip to IKEA for some frames. And then picked up two at B&N. WHY?! I don’t know…he’s been into it? He likes old stuff, what can I say.

Fantasy LifeAnd then……………………………………………a random pick up at Best Buy. I remembered a few friends mentioning the game was fun so picked it up on whim. Been on the up-swing with using my 3DS. Re-started my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So let’s try out this Fantasy Life.

Will probably pick up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call eventually. Had no idea how that one rated/played so decided to try Fantasy Life for now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIKEA. What can I say? My second home. A few random things: a mini-shelf, bird-cage (for headbows), candle, little bendy lamp, the pillow in the book photo anddddddddddddd a bunch of kitchen items I hadn’t photographed. I don’t know why but it seems like little updates via cheapo decor and storage seem just right to spruce up any staling space.

I had to finish up on this project before I can dive into Fantasy Life for the rest of the night…


I’ve been working on this thing for the past three nights. Just a peek for now as it looks….well a wee bit lacking without it’s bolero top. I’ll be compiling a build post…or sorts. I never remember to photograph progress photos so…it might be sparse per garment. And with that, OFF TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!

Happy New Year!

teaHAPPY NEW YEAR! 明けましておめでとう! Bonne année et bonne santé!

2014 flew by at the speed of light! Amazing! So many memories. That went undocumented because I’m a lazy ass. But not this year! Don’t want those memories slipping into the abyss!

So here’s to a new year! New plans, new goals, new….lots of things! Yes!